COVID-19 and Ministries at St John's

 We have implemented

  • YouTube Church service 
    • Starting from Sunday 22 March, we have been producing a church service as a YouTube playlist comprising a series of videos of the normal constituent parts of the services. Service leading, Bible reading, leading prayers, announcements and the sermon will be performed by the usual staff member or volunteers and videoed either at St John's or elsewhere. Songs/hymns will be existing youtube videos with lyrics.
    • A link to the Sunday's youtube video will be sent, ideally in the church email on Friday (but possibly on the Saturday). There is also a link on our website. Click here

Care @ St John's

We have developed further plans to connect with and care for those of us who are most isolated or vulnerable, including a system of regular phone calls. If you or someone you know needs help then please email (shopping, deliveries, care packs, confidential chats etc)

Or, if you can help:

Other helpful links:

Anglicare Counselling - phone 1300 651 728

Lifeline Phone 13 11 14

At this time we all have a part to play in reaching out to members of our church family.

In these troubling times can I encourage you to turn to our heavenly Father in prayer: 

Pray for those most vulnerable in our church and wider community;

* Pray for community goodwill and self-less acts of kindness;

* Pray for front-line medical staff and emergency services as they deal with increasing demands, and 

* Pray for yourselves that you might grow in Spirit-filled resilience, trust and hope in the eternal purposes of God. 

 In Christ